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Making Teaching English Easy

Making Teaching English Easy


Our resources are ready to use at a click of a button. No need to spend your free time planning!


We ensure all children reach their full potential with our wide range of activities and differentiated tasks.


Foster collaborative learning and enjoyable lessons with the help of our engaging resources.

Comprehensive learning

Explore our comprehensive lesson bundle, filled with fully resourced, interactive lesson PowerPoints and differentiated tasks for books. Say goodbye to the hassle of endless searching and planning grammar lessons – we’ve got you covered!

Support all pupils

But that’s just the beginning! Our ultimate bundle goes above and beyond to support all pupils, providing both challenge and assistance.

With higher-level and open-ended mastery activities, consolidatory worksheets, true and false cards, a grammar detective project and application activities, we cater to the diverse needs of every single pupil in your classroom to ensure progress and success.

Expertly designed

Delve into our ultimate bundle and unlock a treasure trove of expertly designed techniques that seamlessly incorporate grammar teaching into bite-sized tasks.

Our GaP starters and weekly tests bridge any gaps, helping you identify areas where your students are thriving and where they may need extra support.

Single User Access. Cancel Anytime.

Children are loving the daily starters – they help them settle into the lesson but have been invaluable with helping with retention. We have seen huge progress throughout the year.

I use the resources on this site regularly – they are all fully prepared and engage the children. I love the fact that the differentiated tasks cater for children to work directly in to their books.

Discover the joy of easy education

Let the teaching and learning of grammar become a captivating and rewarding part of your teaching career!